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Thursday, June 5, 2014

A Change of Scenery

The money mark to buy that life saving PLEX was rapidly approaching and Maya seemed to be more determined than ever to hit that mark, although I don't really show her my wallet so she trusts me to tell her when the time has come. It's close, but I'm looking beyond it.

While I don't doubt that her sister Amalea will be rescued by it, I've started pondering my future once again, and decided to stop following in Sisyphus' footsteps, not really getting ahead. I've decided a change in scenery is in order. I've been reading other people's logs, and one that struck my interest was one called "The Eve Industrialist" run by a leader in Manu Fortuis corporation. I thought a change of pace was in order so I applied and was accepted, so now I've begun the process of moving to their home constellation, leaving behind the Metropolis Region and start trading in a more active trade hub of Dodixie.

It took some doing, but I discovered there was a way to put my fitted ships in a freighter, by contracting them to Maya and having her put them in a shipping container by means of a courier contract back to me to move. This worked well so I could move everything in one trip. There was a process to it, however. I had to collect all planetary materials sitting on all my planets then abandon the installations, I had to try and sell what I couldn't take, then cancel sell orders to pick up the things I couldn't sell to take with me, and I had to gather up all my assets in the area to one location for the trek down to Sinq Laison.

I packed everything in my Freighter, with little room to spare and Maya packed her Orca full as well and we started out. Maya arrived much sooner than me since the freighter was so slow, but we made it in the trade hub at Dodixie safely and I began offloading things to sell on the new market. I stood on my catwalk of the new Captain's quarters as I watched cargo containers float back and forth from my Charon above me. Maya was leaning against the rail behind me. Her arms folded and she stared at me unsure of my actions and seeming a little accusatory.

"You sure about this?" she asked, "I did take a risk following you here."

"This will be much better. It's a smaller Alliance and they don't get war decced as much as the old one." I replied.

"We left Amalea back in Egyfe! Can we still even rescue her?" she asked, "Are you even thinking about that?" The last part hurt. I am a Capsuleer, but I'm not entirely heartless.

"Of course I am!" I said, "You do know that because I liquidated alot of items to move here I now have enough for a PLEX? And the PLEX's here are cheaper than Hek! I've thought about it. Don't worry." I let my voice hold a little hurt at the end and she noticed, her head bowing as she felt regret for her words.

"I'm sorry. You just rarely tell me about your plans. I'm not sure what to think anymore."

"You sound like you don't trust me." I snapped, "Am I not supporting you so that you can have the life you want?"

"I'm sorry, Sain! But I'm scared for my sister. I hear nothing from you and have no idea of your intentions! What the hell am I supposed to think?!" she yelled.

"A little faith would be nice." I mutter, turning to stride past her towards the Captain's quarters. I pick up my Neocom and transfer the money for a PLEX into Maya's account, something I've never done before. It left me with mere thousands of ISK in my wallet. She pulled out her own Neocom and saw the money, but remained silent for a moment. I dropped onto the couch and sighed, rubbing my face with my hands, "Look. There's the money. Go buy a PLEX for your sister and see if she comes back. Tell her I'm sorry for what happened and that she can come down here to join us if she wants."

"S-Sain.....I...." She muttered. It was an expression of disbelief and regret again, but she had no choice but to accept it. "I thank you. I suppose this "Player" being did not pull through for us. I admit, I was hoping another miracle would happen from him, but I guess I was wrong."

"On the contrary, Maya." I spoke up, a small smile on my face, "I think he has helped us in more ways that you know." I swiped at the hologram of my Charon on the coffee table, "I haven't paid for, or used a PLEX since I became a capsuleer. My license is always valid as long as I want to be one."

"You've never used a PLEX?" she asked, "Why do we have to use them then?"

"Not sure." I replied, "But for some reason, I don't need them. I think "The Player" is doing something to keep my license active. Maybe it can only support one of us at a time."

"So if you're kept active, then you can make ISK to pay for the rest of us." she said, "I wonder if other pilots are like this?"


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