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Friday, June 5, 2015

New to Null: Starting Something New

With sov changes coming up, I can no longer hole up in my chosen system and do everything I want without moving around. Indexes need to be raised so we can better defend the space we live in so I'm off flying around to whatever system they need, ratting or mining to help the cause.

This presented a particular problem I had solved long ago in High Sec. Getting ships around.

In High Sec, it annoyed me to have to fly back and forth to pick up ships and move them. They came out with the new Bowhead for moving these ships, but I can't fly one yet. I can, however, fly an Orca that will do the job. I have an Orca in high sec, but i can't get it out here. So what to do? None are on the market.

I'm going to build one.


Doussivitte 0.6<Agiesseson<Sinq Laison
Doussivitte VIII - Moon 20 - Chemical Tech Factory
Gallente Federation

It was going on two weeks now that the girls had really started to dig deep and put some effort into getting pampered, spending a measly amount of ISK in the eyes of a capsuleer. Still, even luxury was starting to get boring, and the three girls were soon reminded of why they became Capsuleers in the first place.
  A measly 4 jumps from Dodixie, Osiph had moved operations to a factory in a system with a lower industrial index.

"Why are we here again?" Amalea asked, almost in a whine. The three sat around Osiph's Captain's quarters as Osiph stared at her Neocom, managing industry jobs, research and invention.

"I've never really paid attention to the industry index of systems before. I was getting bored of trying manufacturing in Dodixie station because of the thin margins." Osiph explained without looking away from her terminal.

"If you're that worried about margins, look into a POS." Maya said. Osiph shook her head.

"I've wanted one, but it's not worth the fuel. Plus, there's word that they'll soon be obsolete." Osiph said, "I hear there are new structures available soon that Capsuleers have permission to build."

"You want a Citadel." Maya teased, "How gaudy."

"Just a small one. I think it would be nice to own your own station type structure you can dock in." she said.

"So why this station?" Amalea asked.

"It has invention services. I want to really put some effort into making T2 things." She said, "It's better margins."

"What are you making?" Maya asked. Osiph looked up from her Neocom and glanced between the two, "What, afraid we'll start doing the same and become competitors?"

"Drones, mostly." she said, "I heard the best is to start with Ammunition, drones, scripts and really anything that gets blown up a lot." She paused and hit a button, the holoreel on the table displayed a catalyst, "I was going to start making these, but everyone is doing it and the margins are thin."

"Catalysts?" Amalea asked, "Why?" Both Maya and Osiph glanced at each other and sighed.

"It's the destroyer favored among pirates who gank things in HighSec." Maya said, "They use these because they have enough damage output to kill things before CONCORD shows up to kill them."

"That's horrible!" Amalea gasped.

"That's life." Osiph sighed, "You're a miner and you didn't know that?"

"I just did whatever Sain told me to." She innocently said.

"Well, if you ever see one, or any destroyer on grid with you while mining, get out." Osiph said, "They use them because they do a lot of damage and are cheap."

"If they're so horrible, why are you supplying them with their tools of death?" Amalea questioned.

"Money is money." Osiph said, "I don't know the Catalysts I put on the market will be bought by pirates or some mission runner. There's no way to tell."

"Amalea, you have to get our of this righteous phase. We're Capsuleers. We have to do some shady things now and then to keep going. If you think going industry will keep you from killing people and take the moral high ground, think again. All the minerals you mine from the ore in belts are going to make ships, guns, and bullets that will be used to kill someone. If you aren't firing the gun, you're an arms dealer and supplying them to others to use instead. It's the way of the universe now." Maya lectured. Amalea had shrunk into the couch and was now hugging her knees. Maya leaned back as she noticed she was now leaning forward, almost in an accusatory posture. Relaxing, Maya sighed and leaned back, "You need to watch out for number one, Amalea."

"You need to get laid, girl. You're so uptight and naive" Osiph added with a smile, "It's something weeks of pampering won't fix. You need experience." Osiph laughed at the shade of red Amalea was turning as her face disappeared behind her knees in embarrassment, "What did I say?"

"She has an issue with men, remember?" Maya reminded. Osiph recoiled and smiled.

"She has no issue with Sain." she added. You could almost see steam rise from her ears from behind her knees.

"True, but he's still off in Null sec." Maya said.

"Oh that reminds me. I got a message from him. He wants me to send a set of BPC's for an Orca. He said he's building one." Osiph said.

"Can he build them?" Maya asked.

Osiph smiled, "He wanted me to send the Capital Constuction Skill book too. Oh and some Command Centers. He still hasn't set up PI since he moved."

"It's been forever. Isn't he mad about lost profit or something." Maya asked. Osiph nodded.

"Null sec planets are really good too for PI." She said, "Still, it seems to be a different mentality out there. More flying for the team rather than yourself. He seems to be willing to take a hit in his profit making to help out with things."

"That sounds like him." Maya said nodding. Amalea stayed quiet as she was just grateful the subject had changed. Osiph kept her in mind though and brought them back to point.

"So, anyway." she began, "Amalea, let's get you hooked up with someone. Take it slow, eh? What do you look for in a man?..."

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