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Monday, October 26, 2015

OOC: Broadcast for Reps

Eve online is an odd mentality about it. Players gladly shoot and kill each other, scam and steal from you until you had nothing left, given the chance. But this is all just part of the game. We know it's a game and most of it shouldn't be taken personally either. However, those same murderers, scammers, and thieves are here for you as a friendly source of aid should you need it. The Eve Online community is a close knit group who are all gamers, for all different reasons. Some play to relax, some use Eve as a form of escapism, and some even play just for the community they've become a part of. Corporations, Alliances, Coalitions, even small fleets with friends become a haven you can escape to from your troubles in real life.

We are a resource. Use us.

If you need to talk, use the chat channel mentioned in the video. Ask in your corp channel, or alliance channel. Don't be afraid to get help if you need it. Don't let suicide become an answer you will ever consider. Eve online may seem like a dark place of death and destruction, but it's only a game. We are all human and even the best of us need help at times.

Please share this video to raise awareness about this serious matter so that we can get the help to those who need it most.

When life has you pointed and you're taking damage, please Broadcast for Reps.

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