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Monday, November 30, 2015

Opportunity: The Sand Castle

We built something great, laid the groundwork for a thriving Capsuleer society in our little area of Null sec, and were on our way to making a new home for ourselves. We built our sandcastle and were adding bits and pieces to it every day, building it up and making it more massive as time went on.

Before we could plant our little flag in the tallest tower, someone came along and kicked over our sandcastle.

I think I barely had two or three cycles of PI harvested from our home system's planets before we had to pick up and evacuate again. All because Pandemic Horde showed up and wanted to take over.

I remember the day it happened, not too long ago. Intel channels told of a large fleet on the way, and Darkness responded with a fleet of their own. The first fleet defended our space, making PH retreat with loss. What our intel didn't say, however, is that they have a big red phone that calls their big brother, Pandemic Legion.

The call was made and they came in force. I was hastily trying to put together a combat ship to fight, when the fleet left and saw the force that PL had brought. Before I had undocked, local filled with a staggering amount on neutrals that I lost count. Local soon filled with smack talk and I was forced to sit and wait.

Over the next week or so, systems and stations fell to them and we were given an evac order. I was able to get my stuff out safely, along with Maya who had come down to also farm PI materials and help mine, but it was short lived because of this invasion.


I understand it's been a while since I posted in my log and a lot has happened in our little pocket since arriving. I've decided to try my hand at exploration and started skilling for T2 analyzers, but it's a long train. I've debated buying an Astero for it, or even a Stratios, but aside from the big scanning bonus on the Astero, it gives no clear advantage over the buzzard, and costs a lot more. Sure it gives the option to be able to fight, but if I wanted to stick to strictly data and relic sites, it makes no difference. If there is a distinct advantage to flying them besides the scanning bonus, I've yet to find it. Right now, all my ships and modules are still in boxes waiting to move again to a new home, but one has yet to be decided on.


"You seem happy." Maya said with a sneer. She watched as Her sister seemed to dance around her room, pulling clothes from her wardrobe to pack in a bag. A terminal briefly graced her hands as she kept checking the progress of her ships and assets being packed into courier contracts.

"I am. Sain said he'd buy me a PLEX if I came down to Querious with him." She said, "I can't wait to get out in space again!"

"You just can't wait to see Sain." Maya said with a grin.

"Yes. That too." she replied, her cheeks a slight shade of pink.

"You two are serious, aren't you?"

"I am." Amalea said, "Obviously."

"You don't think Sain is?" Maya asked.

"He says he is serious that he likes me, but he seems a little indifferent to me." Amalea said, sitting on her bed, "It's like he's still unsure of wanting to get that involved. I know he said yes to it and everything, but I'm still not sure."

"Sain is like that anyway." Maya said, "It's also a guy thing. You haven't been around enough guys to recognize that because of your condition."

"You're saying his hesitation is normal?" She asked.


"But you're not sure?"

"Look, men are usually an open book! Sain, on the other hand, seems to be hiding a lot of stuff about himself and his past. I know he is a good person now, and that's what matters, but who knows who he was in the past."

"I do want to get to know him better." Amalea said, "Do you think there would be a good way to find out that stuff?"

"You could ask him." Maya said, "If he does want to get involved with you romantically, he should start with being open to you and tell you those things."

"And if he doesn't?" Amalea asked, "If I'm too scared to ask?"

"He used to have a friend, or acquaintance he shared most of his past with. An Amarrian named Chadrick Belefonte." Maya said, "Sain used to loan him money all the time. Not sure if he ever saw it back."

"Where can I find him?"

"I think he's living in a wormhole again. No way to find him." Maya said.

"There's no way to get a message to him?" Amalea asked. Maya seemed curious.

"You know he's another man, right? Someone other than Sain. A shady man at that."

"I k-know." she stammered, thinking about it. Maya's brow raised and she almost smiled. There was a chime at the door and Amalea circled the bed to answer, finding Osiph at the door, her hand on her hip.

"You ready to go?" she asked.

"Almost finished packing." she said.

"Yeah, put that on hold. Sain is here. In the bar." Osiph sighed. Amalea perked up and nearly knocked Osiph over to get out the door and across her quarters. She had her hand near the door release when she stopped and darted back into her room.

"Pants! I need Pants!"

"Yes, that would be a good idea." Maya chuckled.

"Osiph, do you know who could get in contact with Chadrick Belefonte?" Amalea called through the door as she dressed. Osiph seemed confused as she glanced at Maya who was leaning against the wall beside the bedroom door.

"I think his, um, friend might be able to talk to him. He does poke his head out from his wormhole at times to resupply or sell gas." she said, "Why?"

"What's this friend's name?"

"Zoei Fortuna, I believe." Osiph replied.

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