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Thursday, February 25, 2016

The Immensea Immigration: Treasure Hunting

I've recently taken to Exploration to try and find some ISK, hidden in the darkest corners of the space around us. There's something satisfying about looking long and hard for riches, only to strike big some days, when you know there are times when you go home with nothing.

Another perk to flying around looking for signatures is that you essentially become a part of the intelligence network and a valued asset to the rest of your alliance by providing intel if neutrals appear in system. You can relay valuable information such as names, ship types, numbers, locations and whatever else is necessary to keep your friends safe. You, yourself are normally cloaked while scanning so the enemy can't find you, and as long as you are careful, you can chase them around and watch them on grid to see what they are doing. It's pretty sneaky and cloak and dagger, but it's worth it.

So far, I've stuck to Relic sites as I have heard is where the money is. It's true, as Data sites give mostly data cores and some blueprints, where I've found several T2 BPC's relic hunting. I want to get a bunch of rig BPC's down here too because I'm hauling in a lot of salvage, which I'm mostly just selling to my corporation, which do get used for rigs or shipped back to market. I'm not entirely sure what get's done with them.

As for the means, I started out flying a Buzzard, but wanted an Astero. Mostly for looks, but because it has a decent drone bay for offense if needed. The Buzzard has no offense whatsoever, but it's designed to run quickly if threatened. So when fitting the ships, you want to go for maneuverability.

[Astero, Null Exploration Astero]

Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane II
Adaptive Nano Plating II
Nanofiber Internal Structure II
Damage Control II

5MN Y-T8 Compact Microwarpdrive
Relic Analyzer II
Data Analyzer II
Cargo Scanner I

Covert Ops Cloaking Device II
Core Probe Launcher I

Small Hyperspatial Velocity Optimizer II
Small Gravity Capacitor Upgrade I
Small Low Friction Nozzle Joints II

Warrior II x5
Hornet EC-300 x5
Salvage Drone I x5

This fit seems to work well for me, but I replaced the Data Analyzer with something that helped my scanning speed or accuracy as I only do Relic sites. Still it's rather expensive compared to the Buzzard but requires less skills to just sit in.

[Buzzard, Null Exploration Buzzard]

Micro Auxiliary Power Core I
Co-Processor II

Relic Analyzer II
Scan Pinpointing Array I
5MN Y-T8 Compact Microwarpdrive
Cargo Scanner I
Scan Rangefinding Array I

Covert Ops Cloaking Device II
Expanded Probe Launcher I
Cynosural Field Generator I

Small Gravity Capacitor Upgrade I
Small Emission Scope Sharpener I

Sisters Core Scanner Probe x8

The Buzzard, at least, has the CPU to run an expanded probe launcher. This allows combat probes and lets you look for ships, lost drones, mobile tractor units and the like. Also cheaper than the Astero.

As for hacking itself, I found that the best way to learn is just to go try and keep trying until you get better at it.


At this point, I rubbed my face and looked up from the terminal I was writing on and jumped when I noticed Maya sitting across from me. She was staring at me while sipping a drink.

"How long have you been there?" I asked.

"About ten minutes. You seemed engrossed in your work. What are you writing?" she asked.

"I've started exploring and thought I'd pass some findings off to newer capsuleers that wanted to give it a go as well." I explained, sighing heavily, "Now I have to include the section on how to actually hack something."

"You mean that odd interface with the lines and circles?" she asked, "It's tricky. But then again, that's why there are good and bad hackers out there."

"True." I nod, taking a sip of my drink. I notice the Outpost bar in our home system tonight has become somewhat lively. A monitor on the wall was displaying reruns of the last Alliance Tournament, and Donta seemed to have his hands full at the bar.

At one end, a man seemed to have melted into the bar, his head in his arms and nearly lying across the end of the bar, bottles and glasses nearly obstructed my view of him, stacked on both sides of the man. At the other end, another guy was trying to coax the Bartender into some sort of discount.

"You know I'm good for it!" The man said, "This is Null Sec! I can make the money back in one pirate kill!"

"Mr. Al-Fassir, I don't doubt your money making ability, however, I do not open tabs at this establishment. With the rate people come and go, if I were to do so, I'd never see half the money owed to me." Donta replied, leaning heavily on the edge of the bar, "Don't you own massive spaceships? Are you telling me you can buy ships, fit them, and stock them with ammo, but have issues buying alcohol?"

"My liquid isk is normally tied up."

"In what, may I ask?"

"Um, gambling?" he replied.

"Hassan, listen." Donta said, straightening up, "I've heard of this establishment. This IWantISK.com site is not a get rich quick solution. Statistically speaking, you lose more than you win so why take the risk?"

"With great risk comes great reward!" Hassan exclaimed.

"Yes but if you have nothing to risk, how can you profit? Why are you spending money you can't afford to lose?" Donta replied.

"Because I can always make more!" Hassan exclaimed, "Ugh, this is going nowhere! Hey, Joxe! Buy me a drink, will ya?"

The man sleeping at the end of the bar suddenly jolted upright, a napkin stuck to his forehead.

"Wha?" he mumbled.

"Can you spare a few ISK to buy a corp mate a drink?" Hassan asked, halfway sliding down the bar. Joxe simply nodded and halfheartedly waved at Donta to go ahead and continued to find his comfortable spot once more. Once his light snores could be heard drifting across the bar once more, Donta reluctantly poured the thirsty man a tall drink and charged the generous, sleeping Capuleer at the end of the bar the cost of the drink.

"Thank you!" Hassan exclaimed in victory, savoring his drink. Donta went back to wiping up the bar and clearing empty bottles from around the sleeping man, trying not to disturb him.

"Nice crowd you run with, Sain." Maya said with a smirk after turning around from the event at the bar. I just smiled.

"Hey, to each their own." I shrugged, "They're a great bunch, but they have their quirks."

"I bet they do." Maya said with a smile, "This move down here is interesting to say the least."

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