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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

The Immensea Liberation: The Winds of Change

Things have happened in my absence. Substantial things that will change the course of history for years to come. Hopefully for the long term as it would mean a much needed stability for my friends and I. A place we can finally put our flag on and claim it as our own.

I should start out to explain what happened. I had taken a break from the stars and jump cloned back to High Sec to try and find some good business contacts for Osiph and her manufacturing endeavors. Finding good suppliers and getting to know the brokers living in Jita 4-4. Amalea had also followed and two months seemed to go by in an instant, yet my itch for exploration and resource gathering started to show and I ended up jumping back to my old space to reconnect with my corp mates. A little soul searching leave of absence, yet duly needed.

I came back to a mess that was quickly being pieced back together and I was excited for what it could mean.

We had moved places again inside of Immensea and partnered with the Infamous Alliance as renters in their space. We were tasked with keeping their ADM Indices up for discounts in our rental fees which we were good at doing. We were making a name for ourselves in our new space and starting to rebuild. All was well again.

In the late spring, Triumvirate and other factions began  attacking StainWagon in Immensea, which Infamous was a part of. The war raged for months and soon Triumvirate broke their defenses and they lost the station to the attackers.

Shortly after the loss, Benju, a leader in the Infamous Alliance forced a vote in the alliance and made his corp the Executor of the Alliance, booting several corps that wouldn't support him and resigned a non-invasion pact with StainWagon. The next day, people who were kicked from the Infamous alliance found they still had some power in the renter alliance and kicked all 3500 members from the partner renter alliance.

Including Full Spectrum Inc.

The leader of the coup then created a new renter alliance and joined it, hoping his coup was complete, yet it was not and the factions that were kicked, rejoined StainWagon and carried on the fight with Infamous in Catch in a massive Civil War.

So after some more Executive changes, we were denied access to the stations we had paid for in good faith, trapping our assets inside. While sitting on our hands, waiting for things to settle down and get fixed, our leadership worked out a plan to take our area for ourselves and stay here.

Other corps in the area, such as Thousand Sons Legion, nominated Rekindle by their own CEO's to lead a new alliance, Integritas Constans. The group got together to start entosising their own stations they were denied access to, claiming it back as their own. When I returned, several stations were already converted back to our control and we were still expanding, capturing iHubs and other assets we had lost because of the Infamous Civil War. Things are still in progress as we iron out the wrinkles and get things back to normal, but we have taken back what was ours and we are not moving again.

The winds of change are upon us. Trim your sails and come about. We're sailing our fleet into a glorious sunrise.


A special Message from Rekindle:

Immensea has a strong sense of community. As the situation inside Infamous deteriorated into chaos it was clear something needed to be done.  We decided to self-form and approach a new partner.  Fidelas Constans agreed to partner with this new self formed rebellion and provide the necessary support.  We are Integritas Constans (ICON) and it means “Constant Integrity”.  On their timers, the self formed group flipped two constellations, including the historic B-R5RB system with the support of our new partners.

 The new alliance will be lead by Arrowspeeed Bounty, a representative of FCON, and by Rekindle who represents interests in the local area.  Together Rekindle and ArrowSpeeed are enabling new corporations and old to live in null security space in Immensea.  Interested groups can now choose to pay the gold price to live in null security space knowing they have partnered with ICON and FCON.  Our freedom in this space has been ratified by new agreements and our way of life can continue on. Rekindle, through the rest of his vibrant leadership, intends to extend the spirit of community gaming that we’ve enjoyed in Full Spectrum Inc to the next level. Collaborating with partners in the spirit of mutual respect of various play styles is the way forward.

CEO Full Spectrum Inc.
Co Executor Of Integritas Constans 

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  1. Arrowspeeed BountyAugust 18, 2016 at 4:30 PM

    HI ... this is Arrowspeeed. Thank you for writing this article, it is fun and wonderful and good writing, too! At rekindle's suggestion, I will share with the ICON alliance.