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Monday, January 30, 2017

The Immensea Liberation: Second Wind

I had another bout of boredom and the grind had taken a toll on me. With no motivation to undock for a long time, I decided to take a vacation from it all, jump cloned back to Highsec and bought a nice home on a planet in the Kusomonmon system, where Osiph and Amalea worked in the station in orbit as lab assistants and ran their production lines. The ISK to local credit exchange rate was highly in my favor and I was able to buy a luxurious home in the countryside beside a large lake for mere peanuts compared to the purchase of a ship.

I took several months to simply relax, do some fishing, watch some holo reels and spend some quality time with Amalea, becoming ever so closer as time went on. However, doing nothing all day and listening to Amalea's stories of her days on the station has my piloting itch returning, and I found myself following her to work many days to subconsciously get closer to the life I was taking a break from.

"Sain, put that down, please." Osiph said with an exasperated sigh. I had been playing with a BPO cartridge with my boots up on her table, nearly laying down in the soft leather chair behind her desk. I sighed and tossed the several million ISK worth blueprint on her desk, cringing a little when I heard it rattle across the glass. I must have tossed it a little too high.

"Sorry." I meekly said. Her brow furrowed and I swear I saw a vein bulge on her temple.

"Look, I know you're bored, but you were the one who wanted to take a break from Null sec!" She exclaimed, slamming her hands on the desk to lean over it and stare into my face in a demanding pose. I took the hint to sit up straight and put my feet on the floor, "If you're bored, go back out there and make some money!"

"Maybe." I said, swiveling around. Behind her desk was a massive glass window that showed the docking bay below. Several Industrial ships were heading out. During my vacation, I opted to move into an Alpha clone as I wasn't going to be using any ships, but lately I was feeling rather lethargic about most things in general, not having the motivation to do much. Maybe it was the fact that I didn't have access to all my skills that was making me feel useless and unmotivated. Perhaps switching back to my Omega clone would perk me up.

"Am I annoying you?" I asked my sister with a sneer, "I can go bug Amalea if you like."

"You do remember you were kicked out of the lab, right?" She asked, straightening up and crossing her arms, "That means forever, not just the day in question."

"I'm sure they wouldn't mind if I behave myself." I said.

"If you two could keep your hands off each other for a few minutes when you are together then maybe you wouldn't have accidentally sat on a terminal and caused a whole batch of T2 inventions to fail!" She exclaimed. I felt my face grow hot.

"I reimbursed that Capsuleer the cost of the data cores!" I retorted, "And apologized!" Ospih sighed heavily.

"Sain, why are you here?" she asked, "Why leave Null? Is everything alright?" Her tone had completely changed to that of a caring friend. It was very unnerving to me.

I turned back to the window to gaze at the ships, "Not sure. I just didn't feel like undocking. There was nothing I was inclined to do."

A terminal slid across the desk from her and I turned to pick it up.

"Take a look." She said with a smile. They were schematics for the Rorqual; the biggest mining support vessel there is. Never really cared about it because they normally sat behind POS shields and provided bonuses to miners in the system. I read on and my eyes widened as I continued.

Changes were made.

Support ships were now only able to fit command burst modules, that needed to be close to ships for the bonuses to take effect, making the Rorqual need to be in the belt with the miners to buff them. They also got a new kind of drone: the Excavator Mining Drone. As I read on, a spark lit once more in my mind and I felt the need to own one of these Goliath machines. Each Excavator drone was like having an exhumer with you. A fleet of drones meant massive amount of ore coming in. I felt excitement at the possible income that could mean and glanced up from the terminal to see Osiph's smiling face.

"Well?" she asked.

"Thank you. I needed this." I replied.


Back in my Omega clone and with motivation I returned to Null sec. With the goal of owning a Rorqual somewhat in the far distance, the immediate tasks I wanted to complete were not that apparent to me. Not knowing what I wanted to do, I ended up undocking my Buzzard to see if I can find some Relic sites and look around our space a bit to get used to being in a pod once more.

It has been a while.

My solo roam ended me up in B-R5RB where the historic massive bloodbath took place back in January 27th, two years ago. I've never been here, nor had the chance to see a Titan up close, but the wreckage still remains. Several broken and charred Titan hulls littered space. Battleships, and a myriad of other vessels peppered the starscape as I maneuvered around the wreckage. I took a moment to stare in awe at the sheer size and presence these massive ships imposed on my tiny frigate, taking several minutes to simply fly around these massive ships. The significance of the memorials and the site in general was a reminder to me of what life is here in new Eden.

In a universe where the strong survive, those who are together are strong.

I understand the fight happened because a sovereignty bill went unpaid, but the response of the attackers to try and take it; to gain a foothold in new space was to expand their territory, and the defense mustering to protect what was theirs. An opportunity rose that had not been missed and caused one of the biggest and longest Capsuleer conflicts New Eden had ever seen.

Just past the second anniversary of the battle and still I sit among the carcasses of gods that still don their golden chariots, an echo of the conflict of what once was and a testament to the struggle for dominance.

Filled with renewed perseverance, I returned to my home system and docked up. As I left the shower in my Captain's quarters, a familiar face appeared on my main view screen before my coffee table.

"Hello Sain Darkwing." Chadrick Belefonte said, "It has been a while..."

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