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Thursday, December 27, 2012


A small milestone in the early stages of my career. I've finally hit perfect refine with Minmitar Mining Corporation (MMC). Now it's time to buckle down and start hauling in the ore and make some isk. I'm not sure if i had mentioned before, but my current goal is to be able to afford a freighter, possibly a Charon as it has the biggest cargo hold. The only problem is that it's over one and a half billion ISK, and I'm probably a month away from being able to fly it.

Maya is only about four days away from being able to fly one, however...

She only recently told me this, as I found her suddenly absent for a couple of weeks. She kept avoiding me and found excuses to miss mining ops, then when I finally cornered her in the station, she simply sighed and told me her Pilot's License had run out again. I figured it was about that time again, and looking at my wallet, I cringed at the thought of losing that ISK to keep her afloat. The past couple of weeks, however, were less than lucrative without her hauling ore so I sprang for another PLEX and got us both out into the fields. Hopefully with my improved refining skills and better standings, we can make more money back before next month.

We set up shop in Hardbako this time, lots of Veldspar and the only station is an MMC base with a 50% base yeild refinery, which would give me what most consider "Perfect" refine. The gate is also almost in line with the exit to the station, so it makes shipping with my Orca a lot easier as it warps as soon as I undock. It's fairly quiet too.

A little too quiet...

"Proximity Alert." Aura's voice stirs me from my slumber and I uselessly open my eyes to stare into the green goo filling my pod. I close them again and my mind connects to the camera drones in space. Maya's retriever is bumping into my Hulk and the computers of both ships are pushing away from each other with thrusters and external gravity plating or something. I was never sure specifically how they did it. It's like there's an invisible bubble around the ships and we bounced off each other.

"Wakey wakey!" The comms channel activated in my head.

"What the hell are you doing?" I asked, slightly annoyed. I had to adjust my position so my lasers would still be in range of the rock I was shooting when the cycle ended.

"You haven't dumped ore in a while. You almost full?" she asked. With a thought, the cargo hold status displayed in my mind and I transferred my full cargo into the jetcan outside the ship just as the laser cycle ended and even more ore fell into my cargo hold. Almost lost the entire cycle. The ore vanished from the jetcan soon after into Maya's ship which had a much bigger ore hold than the hulk. Again, because of the ship re purposing that ORE incorporated a few months ago.

"Are you asleep?" she asked, "Are you getting bored doing this?"

"No, it's just that it's been a while since I controlled the ship from inside my pod." I replied, "It's comfortable. I can see why some capsuleers never leave it."

"Yeah this whole getting out and walking around thing is new, right?" she said, "Something about our immune systems not being able to handle the environment outside of a pod?"

"The wonders of modern medicine." I replied, "But really, there's not alot going on in this system. Even the pirates are scarce."

"Isn't that a good thing?" she said with a smile.

"I suppose." I said with a sigh. Still, not a good idea to fall asleep while your corporation is at war...

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