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Monday, December 17, 2012

A Wrench in the Works

It's been a while since I wrote in the ol' log. Things have been busy to say the least. I've started working with the Corporation's POS, researching Blueprints and making a few ships of my own. ORE has released blueprints for their new mining frigate, the Venture, which I found to probably be the best gas harvester ship so far. Four new destroyers have been releases as well from the four races respective design labs, all of which I have acquired and begun research on as well. Another new toy I've made are the salvage drones. Those, along with my new Noctis which I proudly manufactured myself, will be a beast in a field of wrecks.

The worst thing about getting new ships is not the insurance payment, but thinking of a name for them. I try to be creative, or witty with the names, but more often than not, I am at a loss. They say it's bad luck to fly a ship without a name, but my creativity often leaves me. When others scan in space, they can see "Sain Darkwing's Noctis" and if they were looking for me specifically, they would know where I am. However, if they saw something like "Wreck Noccer" or something, (Again, creativity is gone) they would have no idea it was me.

That's something else. I've recently received a message from CONCORD that someone has placed a bounty on my head. ME! A harmless miner! Why in Eden would someone want me dead? I was quietly hauling minerals to Rens when someone sitting on a gate placed the bounty. Reading her bio, she seemed to be doing it to every hauler coming through, making them meager targets for bounty hunters. With the changes to the Bounty system, it seems anyone, anywhere can place a bounty on anyone else, regardless of security status. This seems like a good idea for people who are being bad but don't yet have a -5 security status, but there is a fault in the system when bounties can be placed on normal, law abiding capsuleers. CONCORD needs to find another way to fix this. How, I'm not sure, but I feel like a criminal when I'm the only person with a WANTED sign on my portrait in my corporation mining op.

Our mining ops have been few and far between. I've been busy with research and manufacturing lately, but last night I participated in a corp mining op which included an Orca, several Hulks and Retrievers, and a massive Charon sitting among the fleet. They were updated too. They can now use Jetcans making mining ops easier, cutting out the need for the Orca to leave and dump ore in a station when it's full. Threats from war targets however, are the bane of miner's everywhere.

Because of harassment from our War Target, we had to move from our home system to start mining. Things changed, when they were spotted in the next system over, and out security ships engaged her, destroying her ship. It was a sweet victory, since she had destroyed a Hulk and Covetor earlier that day. Although I did not make it to the fight in time, I was happy we got a little revenge.

On another note, Maya Nao has been a huge help to the whole thing. When Corp mining ops are not going on, Maya and I are mining alone in belts, me in my Hulk, the Stonesmasher, and her in the Stonegrazer, mining and hauling the ore back to the station. We've been doing mining missions from the agents of the Minmitar Mining Corporation and they seem to like me alot more these days. The agents call me by my first name, they trust me to complete whatever job they throw my way, and they are even taking less and less minerals from my refining requests at their stations. Soon, I will have what miners refer to as "Perfect Refine" which gets the best net yield of minerals from ore possible. Maya and her boyfriend are doing well aboard the Stonegrazer as well. It took a while for him to get used to the idea of seeing his love connected to wires and cables inside a pod, but she handled the ship gracefully and her voice over the intercom speakers was comforting to him, like the ship was a part of her, protecting him from all harm. He did mention he was feeling a little emasculated for having Maya being responsible for his well being, but out here in the void, it's everyone's responsibility to protect others regardless of gender.

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