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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

A New Approach

Only a few weeks have passed since I lost my pilots license. Those weeks were spent stuck in a station, staring out at the stars and the ships coming and going. The communication from CONCORD was a wave of relief that was welcomed.

With the sudden revocation of my license, I thought it would be prudent to look into the inner workings of CONCORD and why a license is required to fly in new Eden, and more importantly, where they come from and who supplies them. I understand many people save and buy a PLEX to extend the expiry date of their license, but to those who don't use them, their license seems to simply extend on their own without a loss of isk or anything else. The reason for this eluded me and my research hit many dead ends. However, over a rather large glass of Gallentean ale a drunkard at the Station bar spilled his entire life story, along with a mysterious entity even more rarely heard than the Jovians. Something called a "Player".

Many people in the bar laughed at the man, for his word was rarely credible, but the man went on. He said there's a player for all capsuleers. Sometimes a Player was responsible for more than one capsuleer. These beings are the benefactors who provide time on the licenses that CONCORD enforce. When they cannot provide, a PLEX is required. Sounds far fetched, but I finished my glass and remained silent. Maybe my benefactor was unable to provide for me when CONCORD revoked my license. There's no way to tell really.

Then, things got too busy for me to dwell on it much longer. With my license extended another month, I set back to work. Again I was alone in a Mackinaw, staring at rocks and slowly gaining isk again. It was tedious, and the quiet was getting to me. I started talking to other miners in the area and forming fleets to get and provide mining yield bonuses. One convinced me that perhaps it would be in my best interest to join an actual industrial corporation to participate in mining operations and to chat with. After much deliberation, I agreed. But as CEO and only active member of Darkwing Inc., what was to become of my corporation? The only one I could trust not to disband it and keep it alive, regrettably, was my sister, Osiph Darkwing.

Osiph, primarily a station trader living in the main trade station of Jita, was the same as I remember her when her image appeared on the subspace communication terminal. We aren't the closest of siblings, but we appeared to be on the surface. We smiled, exchanged pleasantries, then she bluntly asked me what I wanted. She was not expecting me to say I wanted to give her control of my corporation and make her CEO. She laughed at first and asked me if I was on Crystal Egg, but I told her I wanted her to just hold onto the title to keep the corporation alive. After assuring her I would still take care of the bills for the offices, she agreed and I was then able to join the Corporation Hand of Midas.

After a couple of days with boosted yield, I was able to purchase a PLEX, but a thought had crossed my mind. Once more, I was looking at another woman on the screen. Maya Nao smiled when she answered the communication. She and her boyfriend were getting along well and she had a part time job at the customs office in orbit. A slow life, but stable. Truthfully, however, she missed the life of a capsuleer and controlling her own ship. When I offered to give her a PLEX to help mine, she agreed immediately, then her boyfriend also agreed to join her on her ship.

So I'm in a great new corporation, working with new and old friends, raking in the ore and hoping to make a small fortune while I'm at it. Hope it turns out well.

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