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Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Been a while since I posted in my log and may be another while after this for my next one. A few things to report. First off, my savings was traded in for a brand new Orca, aptly named the M.T. Pocket. A rather amusing pun from a good friend. I've outfitted the mining command ship with cargo extenders, as being a mining operation of one, the use I was planning for it was basically hauling, and with a power grid rig added into it, I was able to fit a 100 MN Micro warp drive. Now it can warp in ten seconds rather than the annoyingly 30 second align time before. Its a big ship, but still useless to me for actual mining.

I also bought a Hulk to see if jetcan mining in it was viable, but preferred the Mackinaw because of my solo nature once more. I make less hauling trips to Hek to sell my ore but my mining output stays the same.

However I believe I have made a mistake in purchasing the Orca at this particular time. Having drained my savings to purchase it, I was not able to recover enough to purchase a PLEX, and Concord has now revoked my pilot's license. It may be a while before I am able to return to the asteroid fields and start mining again. Hopefully it is soon and not too much dust gathers on my Exhumer.

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