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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Hmm... Upgrades.

Big changes lately. Maya hasn't said anything for a long time, over comms or otherwise. I did notice alot of transmissions to and from the Rockskipper as we mined. Turns out the man she was seeing before had come around and started talking to her again. The problem was actually his, because living planet side had pretty much isolated him from the rest of New Eden. Now that he had taken a job in the Customs Office above the planet they lived on, his exposure to Capsuleers has increased and he has decided to try and patch things up with Maya once more.

So after explaining the story to me, she left the Rockskipper and her Badger, taking a shuttle back to the planet to try and live a more domesticated life. Before leaving, she tipped her wings to my Exhumer, my camera drone locked onto her cockpit window, and caught sight of a rare smile and a half assed salute before warping off towards the gate out of this system.

That was about a week ago. Since then it's been a solo operation once more. I've upgraded to a Mackinaw, deemed Stonegrazer II, and set to work trying to keep up with the amount I was making with the both of us.

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