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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Getting My Hands Dirty

I've moved my mining operation to a quiet little system where the asteroids are huge and go undisturbed for the most part. I ended up moving my small corporation here as well, to accomodate a joint effort between myself and a friend of mine, Maya Nao. Although she is still new to the field of mining, she is learning fast to be as effective as possible.

So now I'm sitting here, staring at different rocks, but now I don't have to wait until my ore hold fills up to head back to the station to offload. I don't have to move at all, actually. Maya can only fly a Badger II at the moment, so she has taken up hauling duty, taking the ore back to the station for me. Actually, the time it takes for my retriever to go back to the station and return to the mining area is now spent still dragging in rocks. Mining rate has increased noticeably.

Maya is training to fly a barge herself as I aim for an Orca. Although her stay in my corporation may be limited, she will try and make the most of her skills. If we make enough isk at this, maybe I can convince her to stick around.

I met Maya a couple of years ago. We were doing sort of the same thing now, back when I first started mining. We used to use Giant Secure Containers that I would fill and she would haul back to a station. I can't believe I used to think that I was raking in alot of money then. Now, that's change in my pocket. While I improved my skills slightly, bought better ships and continued my career as a capsuleer, Maya Nao had taken a break from Piloting to try and settle down planetside. She was engaged and everything, but she witheld the fact that she was a capsuleer. If she died no matter how horribly, there would be another Maya Nao arriving shortly on a shuttle from a station where her medical clone was kept. When he found out, he was fine with it for a while, but when the worst actually happened, it really freaked him out and he left. Maya never told me what happened to her but from what I understand, it was pretty graphic.

When I noticed her ship's online signal appear in my contacts list, I contacted her to catch up, then ended up going into business together. I just hope it works out. She kept her old apartment and was planning on getting a stable job planetside again...

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