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Sunday, September 16, 2012

It's Not the Size That Counts, It's the Bonuses!

Now our little mining operation get's a little upgrade. Maya Nao has been training for a Mining Barge and finally today has completed her training. I've had a small Procurer sitting im my hangar I had put together because I had planned on trying a little low sec mining with it, but now, I've loaned it to Maya so she can stop hauling ore and start bringing it in.

Now here was where an interesting discussion took place. Normally, her comms are silent, and when she did connect, there was the sound of classical music in the background. Maybe her music files were left in the databanks of her Badger and the silence got to her. Regardless she hailed me soon after we started mining. Her proposal, was that her Procurer, which she named the Rockskipper without my permission, could haul in the same amount of ore as my Retriever, The Stonegrazer.

Her premise, was that the Retreiver's two strip miners, disregarding the fittings or skills for arguments sake, both get a fifty percent bonus to ore yeild, while her Procurer got two hundred percent for her one strip miner. If one strip miner without a bonus does one hundred percent and each one on a Retriever get's a fifty percent bonus, then the Retreiver is the same as three turrets without bonuses. A Procurer get's two hundred percent plus the one turret doing one hundred percent, so it too is the same as three turrets with strip miners.

However, in a witty rebuttal on my end was that because her ship only has two low slots and mine had three, I could fit one more Mining Upgrade Module than her to increase my ore intake, not to mention I also had training for modulated strip miners and use specialized mining crystals that give even more yield. I also use Mining Laser Upgrade II's. Plus, my ship has a much larger ore hold so I spend more time shooting rocks and less time warping to a station to dump it.

Little did I know, while I was ranting about how superior my ship was to her loaner, she had connected to her badger back in her hanger, downloaded her music collection to the Rockskipper, and her response was a huff, "Whatever! Mine looks cooler!" and a blast of Mozart from the speakers before she cut comms.

We are making good progress money wise, but I feel no workplace synergy between us...

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