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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Watch Your Wallet...

It's been a while since I did a log. I've focused my training mostly on mining drones and trade skills now. Maya has again asked to remain station bound and has elected to corporation book keeping, and even took a shuttle to Hek with her boyfriend on vacation while he worked at his new job as a broker for whomever needed his services in the market. I decided to make use of his services once last week. Never again.

No offence to Maya, but that guy is a fucking asshole...

Well, that was a little harsh. What happened was entirely my fault and a learning experience to say the least. He could have said something but chose to remain tight lipped and let the transaction go through. I had posted a bit over 3 million units of Tritanium for 5063 isk PER UNIT. The broker's fee was over 140 million isk on it. It was my mistake for typing a 0 instead of a decimal, but needless to say I petitioned the owners of the station to do a mulligan and refund my money. Maya's boyfriend was denied his fat paycheque when the transaction was reversed and got what he would have gotten if I hadn't screwed up. Lesson learned and now this man hates me. Sorry man, but it cost me over 100 million isk. Of course I'm going to try and fix it!

The man and I had some ill chosen words over coms, yet we both swore to keep this between men. Maya needn't know about it, as our dislike of each other might cause her trouble in her job with me. She needed the money and the experience, yet this month she chose to suspend her pilots license, asking me not to pay for it to save up my isk for something else, or to just build up my account. Truthfully, it was alot like pushing a rock uphill. We would both mine out asses off, making just enough for a PLEX for her, only to repeat the process over again. If either of us lost a barge, it would really throw off the cycle and would cause her to sit in a station for weeks while I tried to finish off the cost of the PLEX. This month will be a bit different.

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