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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Sleeping in Slush

It's been hard to work alone again, but it's a lot like when I started my Capsuleer career. I still have my corp mates, but I normally just fleet up with them for the bonuses to my ship. Maya still insists on staying in Hek with her boyfriend. I've tried a few different things to make some more money. Station trading, manufacturing and other odds and ends. I know I need more direction in my career, but right now I'm focusing on mining. Lately, it's been ice.

I heard by announcements on the subspace network that there will be major changes in a few months to the skills required to fly ships and whatnot. Something about the re configuring of ship's computers by means of subspace network updates. The changes make sense, however, to take full advantage of the changes, I've started training Battlecruisers level V, a 26 day long train.

I'm not just an Industrialist. My first goal as a Capsuleer was to fly as many ships as possible. I cross trained into all the races, and now can fly just about any tech 1 ship from frigate to battlecruiser, and a few battleships as well. Since I've been able to jump into these ships, I also trained some combat skills to be able to use them. I've injected several skill books because I could train them and they were cheap, but still remain at level 0 because I've trained something more important.

That said, I admit I'm still a total carebear, as they say. I do not like shooting at other capsuleers. I know how hard it is to build yourself up and buy the ships you want. To have it taken out from under your pod can be devastating. I've tried it once, and understand the rush you get, but to me, it's more of a panic than a rush. I understand that it's a part of life in New Eden, but I'm not an instigator. Still, no harm in being a Carebear with claws...

Getting back to what I'm doing now. I'm kind of tired of getting to belts that have been mined out by the time I'm able to undock, so I've opted to trying Ice Mining. Currently, I can only use T1 ice mining lasers, so it takes a little bit longer, but there's so much ice out there no one can mine it all.

Ice mining is a lot different. For one, the ship is very cold because of the ice sitting in the Ore Hold. I always have to stay in the pod because the energy requirements to heat the bridge is insane and it would also melt some of the ice in the hold perhaps. I don't want to chance it. There must be something in the pod goo that prevents freezing or something, but it does seem a bit thicker than normal in here. I'm freezing as well, but because of the mind link to the ship, I don't feel it as much because my senses are focused on the ship instead of my own body. It's an odd sensation. It's like your ghost left your own body, and inhabited the body of the ship. Now the mining lasers are my arms and hands, the engines my legs. Everything is done with a mere thought instead of levers and buttons. It's efficient, yet I feel as if I'm loosing my sense of Humanity. Ice mining cycles take so long I often sleep until my hold fills up, then make a mundane trip back to the station. It's boring, but at least there's little input I have to do so I can do other things remotely.

Now I just need to train the skills to refine the damn stuff. After Battlecruisers I suppose. In a month...

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