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Friday, July 19, 2013

The Inside of a Capsule

Contemplating the Future.
I've started using my Captain's quarters lately. It's lonely, and the door the rest of the station remains forever sealed, yet I find it somewhat relaxing. I still have this odd lack of direction in my life as a capsuleer. This version of me is starting to become weary. I haven't died in a long time and this clone is getting old. It's not that I want to die, I'm still scared shitless to think of it happening, but I know the consequences aren't that bad. Even if I die, I'll be fine back in a new clone. It would cost me a few ISK to update my clone and I'll loose whatever I'm flying, but it's all replaceable.

This is my greatest weakness. I have little to no experience with PVP stuff and I'm not used to loosing ships, or clones. I often find myself staring at my open pod, contemplating the future and knowing that death and destruction will find me eventually. Thus is the nature of New Eden. Whether it's Pirates, Gankers, or enemies in wormhole space. The Reapers icy touch extends to all reaches of space and he reaps quite often in New Eden. I suppose he would be a little annoyed by our technology, however, never able to keep his reaped souls as they simply fly back to a station and enter a new clone.

My current goals are still locked on a freighter. I've finally trained enough to fly one, so now I'm improving my refining skills to be able to use our stations, less than adequate, facilities to get perfect refine again. I've stockpiled alot of ore and ice products, now able to refine it without waste. The ice fields have changed, why I don't know. The upgrades to ship computers across the galaxy have included improved scanning algorithms, Ice belts are no more and are now scannable anomalies. The sites are also easily exhaustible, causing pilots to clean them out regularly. I heard of this change early and kept ahold of my ice, but the market already peaked since the change and people are offloading their stock, making the price drop. I will continue to wait until the stock depletes and for the price to rise again before selling. I will keep an eye on the mineral market too and see if it rises before selling specific minerals. I want to save a bit so I can get a Charon somehow. That is my current goal.

I haven't heard from Maya in a while now. She did help a bit with ice mining, but again is opting to stay in station at Hek for a while. Maybe I will wait until I drift up to the porthole of her quarters in a massive freighter before I open comms again. Imagine the look on her face!

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