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Saturday, February 8, 2014

New Friend

It's been a while. Too long. I've stopped doing logs entirely as I moped about, intimidated by all the shiny things I could be doing. At this point, I think I'll put a stuffed squirrel on my pod as a hood ornament as a symbol of my endeavours. I've tried so many things and trained for them, but leave and do something else.

Things have improved. Maya is mining with me and had become the best Orca Pilot I have seen. The boosts I get are considered 'Perfect" since it's now not possible to make them any better. I have perfect refine skills and an implant away from perfect mining skills. I also bit the bullet and bought my freigher, a massive Charon that makes it so much easier to haul ore and minerals in. Its also the slowest ship I have ever flown, and I'm used to exhumers being the norm. A frigate is like ludacris speed to me.

But we've added another member to our group. Not sure how long she will be staying to help. Amalea Nao, Maya's younger sister.

She's very quiet and I think she only speaks to Maya because she has never opened comms to me, nor answered any of mine. However, she does what she's told and is learning to fly a retriever well. She has joined my sister's corporation, Darkwing Inc, while Maya and I are still in POM, however because of a recent war on our corporation, I've basically shut down mining operations because I don't want to chance losing ships. I do have some capital and can replace one if needed, but I'm not over the scare of losing ships yet, due to lack of PVP experience.

Mining operations are much better with three people. Maya boosts and we can pull in about two Orca's worth of minerals an hour. Ice mining is about the same. Since Maya and I are stuck in station, most of the time, Amalea is out in the ice fields pulling in what she can. Something I never asked her to do.

This however presents another challenge. Another person to buy a PLEX for. The license for this month came from unknown places as it has several times before. Concord's records simply get updated that our licenses are validated for another month, yet the payment source eludes me. I am starting to believe in this being called "The Player" and hope his good graces are bountiful.

I'm also wanting to get into Manufacturing. I have the skills trained, but haven't made anything yet. Something else to learn.

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