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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The Woes of War

Again we've been targeted by war, and after two weeks, the enemy has racked up enough damages to extend the war by another two weeks. Not to mention, a second corp has declared war as well, meaning more targets to shoot at me.

This has taken a huge hit to my income, and I have a full Charon sitting in my hangar, ready to haul ore to Aldrat for refining. Yet I dare not take it out during war. I won't even mine both from fear of losing my barge and causing even more money to be added to the damages of our war report. Maya has gone to try and be productive in Egyfe to see if she can get some ice and mine in the area when the ice belts run dry. She seems to be getting a little annoyed with me, or rather, the situation and knows that with me unable to mine means no money for a PLEX. Her own license was also running out and we both had hopes to make enough for a spare to somehow apply to her sister's license and rescue her from wherever she had disappeared to when her's ran out in a belt.

This time was a little different for the war though. I actually tried to get involved. I trained a doctrine fit for a Blackbird, an ECM cruiser used for jamming sensors of the enemy. I sat in an Aldrat station and actually joined coms for a while, waiting to be called out to start jamming the enemy, but they ended up running away and not taking out bait. It was going to be the first real fight I've been in, and it just didn't happen.

Another friend of mine had heard that my corp was constantly getting war decced and contacted me recently. It was short e-mails back and forth, but he actually offered to train himself for a Retriever or Covetor to help Maya mine. A corp member of Darkwing Inc. I believe Osiph must have let him in.

Chadrick Belefonte. A rather sophisticated name for an Amarrian, like he had some nobility in his blood. I've known him for a long time, but rarely kept in touch, each time under friendly circumstances. Although I do recall loaning him money for new ships a few times and not seeing a single ISK in return...

He says he's mostly mission running now, a bit of exploration on the side, but for some reason he did have a rather significant dip in his security status in the past, so I was always wary of the man.

"Chadrick Belefonte?" Maya had to repeat it to make sure she had it right. I stood on the catwalk of my captain's quarters and stared up at my Blackbird hovering in the Hangar above me, Maya on comms through my internal implants.

"Yes. Have you met?" I asked, an odd sneer on my face.

"No. Can he be trusted?" she replied, voice full of uncertainty.

"No, but cut him some slack, would you. He's a friend."

"You keep odd company, Sain." she said, "When will he be here?"

"He hasn't finished training for a barge yet." I said, "Then he has to get one..."

"You make it sound like you're expecting a favor from him."

"Is it that obvious?"

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