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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

War, What is it good for?

Absolutely nothing.

That's pretty much what I had left after buying a PLEX to keep Maya flying in the Orca. I usually keep my finances secret from others and she was happy to see her license time extended, but she seemed determined to get right back out and help mine. I was agreeing with her. The wars are over and my Hulk once again graces the belts, noming the roids as it were.

But there's something I'm missing. I don't think I'm doing this right. I hear of others supporting alot more than one pilot on their income and do it easily every month. There has to be more to it than just mining. I think I need to get involved a bit more in other aspects of industry. Not just me, but Maya too. I need to start looking into something to manufacture and rethink some of my planetary installations. I also need to ask Maya to start training the skills necessary for her to have colonies of her own to pull in just that much more ISK. I hear on the subspace network that some significant changes to Industry are coming to stations and Empires are soon allowing POS's to be put up without need for standings. I haven't heard if they still require charters, but we will see. Those changes aren't happening for a while, but in the meantime, I hear some new ships will become available and some current ships are getting redesigned.

One of them I am looking forward to. I haven't flown Caldari ships besides my Charon in a while, the Moa is one I used to own but sold because I just didn't like the look of it. It's odd to dislike a ship just because of it's appearance, but when your view of the universe is locked to a camera drone buzzing around your ship, it's something you're always looking at in space. The new design for the Moa is sleek and for once, symmetrical.

I am thinking of buying a BPO and getting it researched for when the changes come out and people would be looking to buy them. Might just start training my cruiser skills and Medium Hybrid turret skills to fly one myself, when I'm not mining.

Like I mentioned, two wars ended last night, yet I've been in the belts for the past few days. The Alliance rules for wars do not prohibit mining or missioning during wars, but state only that we have to do it in the home constellation and to watch local for war targets. That's what I did. I was starting to go stir crazy in station and found a fairly low population system near Aldrat to mine in. I made sure to look up info on every pilot in local, and I even used my D-Scan for once to see what they were flying. It was fairly comfortable when all I saw was other Orcas and Hulks but I became wary when cruisers and battleships appeared. I kept telling myself they were just missioning, but I was paranoid that they were all spies out to get me. I've been told its not the wrong mentality to have in this universe, but it's no way to live. Once the war was over, I felt like I could finally relax and I happily cleared out my watch list, then got to work with even Mining drones out.

"Sain, come in." Maya's voice came over comms finally yesterday after a long time of silence since the war ended.

"Go ahead." I replied.

"I've been meaning to ask, and it's not that I'm ungrateful, because I am, but..." she said, then stopped.


"Why buy another PLEX for me?" she asked, "You could have sent it to Amalea. You could have rescued her from wherever she is." I knew this question was coming. Why did I choose to not save her sister and give her the time instead so we can make money over saving a life. It might come down to the way capsuleers view life opposed to normal Humans, not really valuing the life of a capsuleer because of the cloning technology, or the varying levels of greed they have, but in my mind, her sister was safe, just....out of reach. As if she was isolated from the hell we call New Eden in a place she could never be touched by pirates or gankers out for the modules on her ship. She was new at being a capsuleer and had never died since becoming one, and Sain felt like she needed to be protected until she gained more experience, like her sister Maya has. He realized he had left her words hanging between his Hulk and her Orca as they gently float between the asteroids. Sain found himself staring at rocks.

"We make more money together than I could alone. More than if Amalea and I worked together because her skills aren't high enough." he said. It sounded like the answer a greedy, ISK hungry capsuleer would say, but the fact was that he wasn't sure himself exactly what the reason was.

"You did it because you wanted to make more money?" She asked, her words shaky over comms. She sounded upset as she should be, but there was more to this than she knew as well. Extending her time was a part of my general plan to get enough isk to save her sister. With an Orca in the field to increase ore yield, shorter PI schedules bringing in more resources, and my own sister Osiph in Dodixie training manufacturing skills to help with money, it would be a combination of all sources to fund the second PLEX for Amalea.

"We need money now, Maya. We need it to save your sister." he said.

"You had the money. You had the PLEX in your hands!" she stopped and gasped, "I had it in my hands! This is my fault! I could have used it for her!"

"No, no. Maya, you mustn't think that way. Trust me I have a plan." I tried to reassure her, but I could hear her sobbing over comms. I've never heard her cry before.....Ever. There was a long pause and during mining procedures, I get a warning before my eyes.

"Maya, the Fleet Hangar is full. Can you move the ore to the Ore Bay?" I ask. There was no response on comms as the connection was cut. The Fleet Hanger suddenly emptied and I was able to put more in. She still seemed mad, but I swear I will make things right. I'm hoping "The Player" will come through for us in the end and help, if it even exists.

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