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Thursday, August 7, 2014

The Morning After...

After yet another wardec by mercenaries, I feel like this new Corporation has fallen to the same state as my previous. These people are actually talking about doing something about it, and planning on leaving the alliance which has become rather stagnant. I stick around because I'm hopeful that wardecs will not follow us as a lone corp and I can mine in relative peace once more. Still, one can't help but feel a little stir crazy as I sit in the station restaurant next to a large window looking out into space. The busy coming and goings of various ships outside make me feel a little jealous that I must remain until the wars expire. I could, I suppose, fly around in a cloaked crane, but my motivation has been lost for the things I'm restricted to.

I lazily stir the odd mixture in my bowl before me, a sort of stew with mystery meat I don't care to know of. It's a little spicy, but different from what I usually have. I'm drinking water for a change instead of a form of alcohol. I glanced up and saw a familiar face enter the restaurant, she ordered her food and took a seat across the room. She noticed my gaze and smiled, recognizing me as well. It was the Exotic Dancer from a few nights before. an image of her seen through the strings of her thrown underwear came to mind and my face flushed as I turn away, returning a meagre smile. She seemed embarrassed as well and quickly turned her attention to her food, making the atmosphere feel awkward.

I heard a rattle of a metal tray hit the table beside me and the two Nao sisters sat down to begin eating.

"Morning." Maya said.

"Morning." Amalea nearly whispered.

"Mmhmm." I hum, taking a sip of water, "It is....I think." I glance at my Neocom pad beside my bowl as news stores scrolled across it. They didn't say anything else and the sound of munching and slurping of coffee was starting to get to me. The awkwardness level just went through the roof.

"Have a good night?" I asked, trying to break the silence.

"Fine." Amalea chirped, then cleared her throat, "Just fine..."

"Have you seen Osiph?" I asked, trying to sound casual.

"She left already. Should be undocking now, actually." Maya said. A glance out the window and the light was suddenly blocked by a passing Iteron V, somewhat too close to where they were sitting. Of course it was her trying to buzz the restaurant he was eating in.

"I see." I reply, with a sigh. another ten whole minutes of silence, munching and slurping.

"Okay. What the hell did she tell you?!" I suddenly exclaim, slamming my glass on the table. Thankfully it was empty. Still I made both girls jump.

"She told us what happened." Maya said.

"So why are you so weird this morning?"

"It's just a lot to process, I suppose." she replied.

"I mean you were...." Amalea started, yet I interrupted.

"But I'm not any more." I spat, "Nothing changes, right?"

"Well..." Amalea began, but lowered her eyes to the table.

"Why do you believe her anyway? You just met. She could have made the whole thing up!"

"You're right. It could have been all lies, but it sounds like something you would do." Maya said, pointing with her cereal spoon.

"How would you know that?" I ask, getting annoyed. It was more like embarrassment. I didn't want to talk about it for a reason. Maya just smiled at my question. She didn't need to answer.

"It was smart though, what you did." Maya said, leaning back, "Just a very, very sad story. But then again, I suppose most of us have one at one point in our lives or another."

"Yeah but he..." Amalea started but couldn't finish. I could see her eyes well up with tears. She was much too naive.

"Look, Amalea. Just forget all about it. This is the reason why I said nothing about my past. I do not want any pity whatsoever." I flatly said, "It's embarrassing and there's no need of it. Now please, put it out of your mind and leave this stuff alone." Amalea looked at Maya who was slowly sipping coffee and saw the look she gave her, then Amalea slowly nodded, sniffing quietly and wiping her eyes with a napkin.

"Ugh, fine!" She exclaimed, standing up with her tray. She turned towards the direction of the recycler but paused and turned around, "I'll let this drop, but I won't forget. You're still a Hero in my books, Sain." She continued on leaving me with a hot face. Maya giggled.

"What the hell did Osiph tell you?" I asked, dumbfounded.

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