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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Dusting off the Exhumer

The war is finally over and I'm itching to get back out and mine again. I sat in Croleur in my Crane and I actually forgot where I parked my Hulk. It's a good thing my asset list records these things. I remember I was half way to the station where I was to pick it up, when something odd happened.

Both Nao sister's names lit up in my contact list...

Both had their Pilots licenses extended for another month! I did nothing. I know they didn't have the money for a PLEX, and a quick message to Osiph confirmed that she didn't do it either. I was so confused when I contacted Maya and Amalea by inviting them to fleet up.

SAIN: How are you two active?
MAYA: I got up this morning to a message that my license had been extended. Amalea too.
AMALEA: It's a miracle! The Player came through for us!
SAIN: No one bought you guys a PLEX?
MAYA: No. This is weird. The timing is suspicious too. As if they were waiting for your war to be over before they reinstated our licenses.
SAIN: The timing was convenient. Regardless, I will be contracting over the Orca and Amalaea's Covetor. I think I might be looking to build another Hulk to maximize yeild. Let's go make some money.
MAYA: Hear hear!

It took a while to get things set up again. Amalea jaunted around the area in her Covetor to pick up some things. She decided to upgrade her mining lasers and the upgrades, realizing she had the skills for T2 mining crystals as well. Alot of gear got passed around and we are now ready, but at the time it was already late and neither of us were alert enough to start so we turned back in. I think Amalea decided to run out to a university station for skill books because she mentioned something about not having some very basic skills injected. Granted when she became a Capsuleer, I advised a skill plan to get her into a barge and mining as soon as possible.

Still after setting our mining operation up again, I'm left to wonder as I try to sleep about this divine intervention and my beliefs in this mysterious "Player" are starting to affirm themselves.

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