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Monday, September 8, 2014

Crunching Numbers

I believe it was barely a few days when our corp got war decced again. Frustrated that our time would be wasted, I decided to drop corp to re-join my private corp with the girls to continue mining, offering my Charon freighter services to the station bound corp while at war, planning to rejoin once the war was over. I did make a few trips for them around empire, but other than that it's been quiet.

I've upgraded again, this time, Amalea got a Hulk and she's nearing my yield intake as well. I think Maya started training her PI skills as well, but hasn't put down any colonies. I think she's worried that her limited time as a pilot would mean idle installations as well. It's her choice, and PI doesn't pull in that much money anyway.

Osiph is doing well, but I hear she is somewhat frustrated with manufacturing. She moved again, back to Dodixie from Jita because she had made a Medium Ship Maintenance array after buying a BPO and researching it to a respectable level, but it barely sold for a profit from materials in Jita. She hauled it down here and did sell it for a profit, but only a slightly better one. She's still trying to find something that would bring her some more income, but T1 manufacturing isn't that lucrative.

I've actually started to manufacture now as well, however, being locked up in station gave me time to research a few T2 BPC's and I built them, noticing a decent profit from that. T2 is definitely the way to go, however, it takes longer to make because of the invention. I find that mining makes alot more money, but then again, it's not an either or type of deal. I can do both at the same time. Manufacture, Mining, Planetary Interaction, Invention, all make ISK at the same time.

Another thing that's been bothering me is Chadrick. I've heard from him lately that he would be 'dropping off grid' so to speak and I go long periods where I don't hear from him, then I get a burst of data from him at odd times. E-Mails and data dated a while ago all come in at once at random intervals, then when I reply, he's gone again. Turns out he had joined a Wormhole corporation and was living in a C3 for the past few weeks. I was skeptical that he would be able to survive in there, but he's doing it so far. Last I heard, he said it was a pulsar in there and he was training up a Drake to kill sleepers. He had a Procurer in there as well to mine the rare types of ore, but he mentioned it was hard to do anything while stuck training for T2 launchers. He put down a couple of PI colonies, but can barely run them with his skills, his scanning skills are average and can't fly a covert ops ship yet. All in the plans for when he finishes skilling for his Drake. I find it funny that Chadrick never wanted to fly other races ships besides his own and was shooting for a Prophecy, yet went off on this tangent into a Wormhole that causes armor type ships to be at a disadvantage. I'm curious as to how this will play out.

I'm also looking around for a better system to mine in. Sources say there are Pyroxeres around the area but I have yet to find any. All I see are Omber and Plagioclase. Still, with the changes recently, it may be better to mine ore and compress instead of refine. I would have to crunch the numbers but it kind of makes me want to set up a POS for it under Darkwing Inc. since Osiph is in the area, she can use to manufacture cheaper and increase her profits, but the cost of operating one may be a little high at the moment. Again, numbers...

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