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Friday, September 26, 2014

Moving Day

After a mad rush, things have quieted down again. Our Corp had decided to join another alliance, and had moved out to Amarr space, so I ended up packing up my things, and with a little courier packaging trickery, was able to move all my fitted ships in my Charon, while Maya moved a few things in the Orca. Once here, we set up shop and quickly jumped in the belts of our new system, which happened to be a 0.5 Security system.

We all began drooling at the rocks out there. Not only were there Pyroxers, but also Kernite, which I'm used to seeing only in low sec back where we were before. The Corp POS was moved as well and I compressed my ore, still amazed that a full Charon load of ore can be compressed to fit in a Crane.

We had two last mining operations before the girl's licenses ran out, and again I'm left alone in the fields to mine by myself, while they are left to drool in the station windows. They seem depressed that they can't join me, but I have to think of a way to make enough for more PLEX's. I hear other people can do it so why not me?

This move came somewhat unexpected, so I was forced to leave a couple research jobs to run and my PI to run out their cycles. It wouldn't be a problem to run back in my crane to pick up the stuff, or even my pod as I have a PI ship left behind as well that should take everything. However the nearest trade hub is still Dodixie, so I may take the crane and bring my compressed ore to sell.

This new place has presented some further opportunities though. It's next to a dead end low sec pocket that's mostly controlled by our Alliance, making the few low sec systems nearby, somewhat safer. This means I can drop some Planetary colonies down for some increased yield on planets. If I stay here, I can also get into capital construction if I want, since I would have access to low sec building facilities. We will see where this goes.

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