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Friday, October 10, 2014

Knock, Knock, Who's there?

I feel like I've hit another period of stagnation. I've been going at it alone for a while now, mostly doing manufacturing, but lately I feel like I pod up and suddenly lose my will to even undock. I mean, I think I'm making money, yet I seem to spend it all on materials I need to build again, whether it's making me a profit or not, I don't know.

Manufacturing goes hand in hand with Trade and Marketing. I've tried the latter, however, mostly just selling in trade hubs which guarantee volume due to their nature, however, selling in a remote area seems alot more tricky. Things aren't selling well here, albeit very slowly. I suppose those who read my logs noticed the infrequency, again due to the lethargy and lack of motivation I feel. I need to do something different, perhaps.

I did try a mining op here in system with my corp recently. Things have changed from what I'm used to, but maybe a step in the wrong direction. Because of the security status, pirates have chosen this system to kill miners in before CONCORD has a chance to show up, so our corp has a policy to use either Procurer's or Skiffs in ops because of their increased tank. This is mostly as a precaution, but it does mean decreased yield and slower mining. Still, it's worth lowering my yield if it means I get to keep my ship. Even during our mining op, comms reported such an attack from a pirate, but because we were properly fitted and flying Skiffs, CONCORD was able to intervene before any of our ships were destroyed. Mining is different out here.

On the plus side, I'm able to make T2 frigates and ammo now. I made a few Prospects, the new T2 Venture for cloaky mining. I can't fly one yet, but I sold a few in Dodixie, and a couple in our local system, but I'm not sure it's the direction I want to go in. I think for now I'll focus on T2 ammo and drones. Maybe throw in some rigs as well. I'm trying to build the few T2 BPC's I have, but honestly, I kind of want to get back to T1 production and build from a stockpile of minerals. Something else I should really get.

On another note, I may have pointed out that my new HQ here in system is a Sisters of Eve station. They seem to be more of a Humanitarian group, by records have been a neutral party in most conflicts. I believe they run many search and rescue operations throughout New Eden, rescuing life pods of crew ejected from exploding capsuleer ships and the like. They also do much scientific study, while being deeply religious as well, a concept I find a tad but contradictory. Docked in one of their stations, it's rather quiet, spare for the random returning vessel and extensive medical facilities. Again, the captain's quarters for Capsuleers are segregated from the rest of the station, by the mocking, immovable door that never opens.

I was intrigued before about this door. The only access I had to most stations were to my Quarters and the Bar or Mess hall. However, when I approach a certain door in my Quarters, I get a message from the Neocom saying the air is not yet suitable for capsuleer consumption. I know my access to stations are severely limited and I assume these doors lead to the rest of this massive structure. However, every station I'm in has one of these doors, and eventually, my curiosity waned and I lost interest.

Last night, I sat on my couch and watched the news. Reports of sleeper activity increasing and behavioral patterns changing from the SOE were released. I heard that Chadrick had moved into a wormhole to go after these sleepers and I wondered how he was doing. I was about to turn off the monitor when a sharp rap on the inaccessible door made me jump.

I hesitated, thinking I was hearing something or the sound was structural, like the heating and cooling of metal, expanding and contracting, so I ignored it.

Again three sharp raps on the door.

This time I got up and approached it. Who even knocks on a door these days anyway? All doors have chimes activated by a button. Why is someone knocking on a door they know can't be opened?

"Who is there?" I called through the door. No answer. The knocking stopped as well. I could hear nothing from the other side. My Neocom lit up with messages from both Maya and Amalea who were still in station. Someone was knocking on their special doors as well at the same time.

I stood there for another 10 minutes, even going as far as pressing my ear to the door. Again it refused to open as I tried to unlock it. The knocking stopped as well, as did it with the girls. I suggested to just go to sleep and forget about it. If it were important. they could get an agent to contact us with whatever they need. Feeling uneasy, I went to bed wondering who it was.

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