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Thursday, October 23, 2014

A Simple Request...

You see, Agents are people who give out missions, ask for help, and pay you for the work you do for them. They normally only interact with Capsuleers if they request work, otherwise, you sometimes forget they are available to you.

This one, is a little different...

I woke to the sound of a heart monitor behind my head and I tried to jump up, but invisible energy restraints held me down to what I assumed was a medical table. I distinctly remember going to sleep in my Captain's quarters, yet I was in a medical bay now, something I remember seeing only when my last clone was activated. Which, admittedly, I can't put a date on. It's been a while.

"You're awake." Came a voice, "Let me remove the restraints. I figured you would resist once you woke up, but my scans would be interrupted. Please remain still." I felt the pressure release from my wrists, feet and chest, but I remained still as her face appeared above me and I squinted to focus on her. A doctor, wearing the SOE symbolic pendant around her neck which was now hanging in my face.

"Who are you?" I asked, "What are you doing?"

"I was asked by Eglerin Lina to contact you. I knocked on your door last night but there was no answer." She said, "I had my nurses try your known associates' Quarters as well, but with the same result."

"You know that door doesn't open, right?" I advise her, "You never said your name yet either."

"I'm just one of the Doctor's here. That door is locked because of the clone you are using. It's old, for a clone."

"I haven't died in a while if that's what you mean." I said, confused.

"Yes. Newer clones can handle more hazardous environments. Slowly evolving from spending all your time in a pod, I suppose." she said, typing on a console. I only now noticed the tube in my arm, "I'm doing an 'upgrade' so to speak. As a favor."

"Favors rarely come free." I reply.

"It's an enticement to accept Mr. Lina's request." she said, "He wants to meet you about a mission."

"I thought Agents message Capsuleers directly?"

"If Capsuleers request a mission first. Plus, he wants someone he can trust."

"And how does he know I'm trustworthy?" I ask, feeling a slight tingle in my fingers. Her brow furrows and she adjusts something on her screen. The feeling subsided.

"He has ears. Heard you and your friends talking in a bar somewhere." She said, highly distracted by her screen, "Oh and he apologizes in regards to the way you were recruited. I'm sorry as well. It must be unnerving to wake up in a sickbay.

"I figured there must be a reason for it." I said relaxing a bit, "Still, it's mostly unnerving that you're messing with my body while I'm still in it."

"Don't worry, you're plugged in if something happens. We can just pull you out and into another clone if worst comes to worst." she said, "I figure you wouldn't want to just go pod yourself so this is more humane at least for the upgrade."

"This is true." I state. I finally notice the cable attached to the back of my head. I laid in awkward silence until she finished and I left the medical bay, meeting an escort who led me to a nearby door, then out to where a van was waiting. Moments later, I was driving down the streets in the interior of the station, heading towards the shipping docks, below the main hangar for Capsuleers. The van stopped and I got out, taking a breath of what may be the first unfiltered air this body has breathed in. I coughed sharply once, the escort seemed almost concerned, but I composed myself quickly and walked inside.

The Agent's office was rather large with a view of space outside, watching the ships come and go. His chair's back was to me as I entered, the escort leaving me and closing the door behind him.

"Sain Darkwing." he said. Eglerin Lina turned in his chair, a small bead of sweat glistened on his brow. He seemed nervous. Too nervous for this request to be legit.

"Yes." I said, "What did you want?"

"How are you enjoying your new found freedom? The station is bigger than you thought, right?" he asked. It wasn't warm at all in the room and now the bead of sweat was slowly rolling down his face. He ignored it.

"Yes, but please get to the point. What was your request?" I demand. Lina got very fidgety.

"Oh, um. I need a favor. Off the books." He stammered, "I want you to take a letter to a colleague of mine, Sister Alitura. Simple enough." My eyes narrowed significantly. I'm being tricked.

"A letter? As in a piece of paper with writing on it?" I ask suspiciously, "Can't you just message her?"

"Oh, no. A message would leave a log and can be traced back to me. This is low tech. untraceable." he said. I picked up the envelope he had slid across the table. and eyed it curiously, "Can you deliver it?"

"Is this illegal?" I ask the burning question. He quickly shakes his head, becoming very defensive.

"Oh, no, no,no, no, nothing of the sort!" he insisted, "I just don't want her to know it was me." I become suspicious again, a sneer on my face.

"It's not a love letter is it?" I ask, half joking. The man's face lit up.

"YES! Why yes it is!" he exclaimed, "I am absolutely smitten by her. She is all I think of! I can't get her out of my mind!" He laughed a little oddly, like a nervous laugh one would do when highly relieved. Still, I remained skeptical, "Oh, but don't open it. I'm very shy you see, and if someone else should read my innermost feelings toward my love, I would be embarrassed beyond belief! Can you do this poor, lovesick fool a simple favor?"

"Um, alright. Seems harmless enough." I agreed, putting the letter in my jacket pocket. The man seemed overjoyed as he ushered me out the door to the waiting escort.

"Thank you! Thank you! Oh, by the way, be sure to bring a powerful ship, alright? Something with lots of guns!"

"What? Why?" I stammer as the door closed behind me. The escort turned a slight shade of red as he was the only one left to explain his boss' last addition.

"Ah, I hear Ms. Alitura is rather , um, ornery." he muttered.

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