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Monday, April 13, 2015

New to Null: Finding a Rythm

TO: Maya Nao; Amalea Nao; Osiph Darkwing;
Subject: News from Null


Sorry everyone. It's been a while. I've attached my last log I've made since arriving in Null sec to let you know my first impressions of living out here. It's not bad and I do see great potential for earning money, but it's really the social aspect that's starting to appeal to me. Group comms are most enjoyable to be on. It's mandatory to be on, which kind of forces people to be there in the first place, but it also makes them available for questions or just to talk to. It's also much faster to report intel as well, rather than watching for text messages to appear on the intel channel. Also, it makes mining a lot less boring to do when you're talking to other people.

It hasn't been too bad for hostile activity here as I thought it would be. Intel is what makes it safe. As long as you're paying attention, you should be fine. It's hard to find replacement stuff here and it costs a lot more than back there. Oh, P.S. Osiph, please send money. My old gear should have sold by now. I haven't seen anything from you since I gave it all to you. It's fine if you need it, but I may need some shortly. I'm currently skilling to fly an Ishtar and will need one. You could just send one up to me with a good fit for Guristas Pirates if you like. Oh, I need the skill book for it as well.

Yeah, so I figured the trick to making it here is to diversify. I'm going to try the most popular form of income here, Anomaly ratting. Hence the need for the Ishtar. I've tried a few data sites and relic sites, but my lack of skills in that area caused me to lose some valuable containers. I almost want to remove the cargo scanner from my ship, in case I lose the container then at least I didn't know how much isk just exploded in my face. Ignorance is bliss, as they say. I think after I get in an Ishtar, I will skill up scanning skills for exploration and try that. Need to keep moving around to keep things interesting I suppose.

On the bright side, I haven't died yet or lost a ship. That could change quickly when I start ratting. Osiph, can you also ship up an Ishtar and fittings? Buying local is way too expensive, not to mention you have my money.

And now I'm starting to sound like a loan shark or something. Osiph, I don't really care about the money, I just need a little help to settle in a bit more. I could do it on my own, given time, but I'm kind of getting antsy just able to mine so far.

All the best,

Sain Darkwing


Osiph put down her Neocom and smiled as her ruby red lipstick left a smear on her wine glass. Setting the glass back down beside the large bathtub she was currently immersed in, she sighed and sunk a little lower in the exfoliating mud that covered her to her shoulders. The towel on her head only slightly smeared by the mud as she rested her head on the edge of the tub.

"Osiph, are you sure it's fine to use Sain's money like this?" Amalea asked. She was sitting across from Osiph in the same situation, with Maya silently snoring beside her. An eye mask covered half her face.

"Relax! Amalea, darling! You need to understand that a woman needs to spoil herself at times!" She teased, "Besides. Do you have any idea how much this spa day costs? Sain has you two worrying over money too much!"

"H-How much is it?" Amalea nervously asked. She hugged her knees to her chest.

"Let's see. With the conversion rate from InterStellar Kredits to local Credits, It's probably five thousand for all three of us." she said.

"That doesn't seem like much." she said, "Five thousand ISK is peanuts."

"No, that's five thousand local credits." she said, raising a muddy finger, "Translates to about a hundred ISK, maybe? The exchange rate is rather high here."

"That's it?" Amalea gasped, "You mean to tell me, that all this time we've been spending in dirty bars and eating in station cafeterias, we could have been living the good life in elegance?!" He outburst woke Maya and she finally took her arms off the edge of the massive bathtub to put them in the mud.

"We talking about money again?" She asked, "Oh, did you also book the massage and interface cleaning, Osiph? I'd expect our implants for interfacing with the capsule may not take kindly to this mud."

"I have the entire weekend planned out. Don't you worry." Osiph said with a wink, "Sain won't even notice his money gone. I'm using a rather sizable chunk of it in manufacturing with decent profit and mining a bit on the side. I'm telling you. Don't worry about a thing. Let's enjoy ourselves and relax!"

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