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Friday, April 24, 2015

New to Null: Jumping in the Shallow End

My corp is buzzing regarding a future move. I'm not sure the specifics, but we've been asked to leave our renting systems by the end of the month, I believe. Not a big deal for me as I've just started out here and I don't have much assets. I've already moved my stuff to the system asked of me, ready to move when everything is confirmed.

In the meantime, I've finished training for that Ishtar and finally fit the thing how I wanted. I had to top up my Afterburner skill to fit a T2 10MN Afterburner, but to my disappointment, The drones I wanted to use will take another 25 or so days. I'll go for them, as they do add quite a bit to my DPS. For now, I'm forced to buy Caldari Navy Wasps, because the price of Geckos are too damn high. I can see why people advised me to get them though. Omni damage and high hit points are very nice.

So there I was, undocked in my shiny new Ishtar, drones loaded and ready to warp to an Anomaly to rat for the first time in Null Sec, and I ended up warping to a safe spot instead.

I was hesitant to jump in. Like getting your trunks on, a life jacket, and floaties, and standing at the edge of a pool, staring into the depths and wondering if you will come back up if you jumped in.

I needed a lifeguard. Well, just until I knew how deep the pool was....

I was asking every question I cloud think of, then someone offered to come with me to my first site. Just what I needed. I warped in and they warped at 50km to me in their Tengu and just sat there to watch as the rats started shooting. Following guidance like a flailing child learning to swim for the first time. I got my feet wet with a sort of safety net in case I started drowning, but as the damage came in, my shields tanked it fine and I was able to float by myself. It's not that I was scared to go off by myself and try a site on my own, but why not take advantage of other people's advice if it's available, right? It turned out perfectly for me in the end. And, on my second ever combat site in null sec, I got an escalation 8 jumps away, which was rare as I understand it.

I think I'm going to like ratting out here. The money is better than mining, well the way I mine at least.


"You've never learned to swim?"

Amalea turned pink and directed her gaze downwards at her knees as her legs slowly churned the water. They all sat on the edge of a large, luxurious pool, their legs in the water and sipped their drinks. Amlaea slowly shook her head and Osiph simply smiled. Maya kept quiet.

"I've never been around this much water." she said, "I grew up on a Barren planet."

"I wonder if there's a skill book for it..." Maya muttered.

"I could teach you, I suppose." Osiph said, leaning back on her hands, "Or I could hire one of those handsome pool boys to give you a private lesson..." Amalea's face turned a deep shade of red.

"No, no, no! That's alright. I'm fine like this." she said waving her arms in disapproval.

"You'd rather Sain teach you, right?" Maya said. Amalea spaced out for a moment and simply nodded as the other two girls started to giggle.

"No! I mean! I'd rather someone familiar teach me." she said, "Maya, you know how I am with men."

"Oh right." she sighed, "It might be a while before we see him though."

"Yes. It looks like he's settling down well." Osiph commented, taking another sip of wine.

"What's he up to lately? Did you hear from him?" Amalea asked.

"Recently? I just shipped that Ishtar up to him like he asked. Forgot to send the money though. Oh well, I guess." she sighed.

"He's going to use a combat ship? Missions?" Amalea questioned. Osiph shook her head.

"There are no agents out there. He's going hunting pirates for bounty. Ratting they called it."


"You know. Pi-rats. Rats for short." Maya explained, "Just the same, really. They sort of infest areas of space like rats anyway."

"And he's going out alone to kill them?" Amalea asked. The three went quiet for a moment and Osiph finished her glass of wine.

"Amalea, remember we're probably the only ones in a unique position to deal with criminals like that. It's to keep the peace. That's why we get paid to kill them. If we don't kill them, they will kill more innocents." Osiph explained, "Sain can handle it. He may be a little rusty but before he was a Capsuleer, he was, well, you know."

"Yeah. I'm just worried." She sighed.

"He'll be fine..." Maya muttered.

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