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Friday, August 14, 2015

Opportunity: A knock on the Door

Dodixie stations are usually busy but the main trade hub was near madness. Trying to walk anywhere in the bustling metropolis in space was futile, and public transportation was a joke. Not that a Capsuleer would even think about using something so trivial, or be caught dead in a bus or public shuttle, but the state of affairs of the common folk was quite apparent. If this was chaos, Jita must be hell.

There was an office with long window overlooking her personal hangar that Osiph had rented for the time being and was feeling sore from being hunched over a terminal as she worked. She sighed heavily and leaned back in the think leather chair, spinning around to look out the floor to ceiling window at the warehouse workers below, carrying off random items of hers to the market for sale. She just had too much stuff sitting around. She had to get rid of it and get to Jita. Some of her sell orders were sitting idle for too long and she was sick of playing the 0.01 ISK wars with local traders.

"How goes it?" Maya asked as the door quickly slid open to allow her through, Amalea chased her inside before it could close, "Getting your money back?"

"Some." Osiph replied as the two sat across from her at her desk, "I still have a lot of materials sitting on my hangar floor. I may just load everything in the Orca soon and haul it all to Jita instead."

"Will you be manufacturing there?" Amalea asked.

"No, the manufacturing index is way too high." she said, "That's something else I need to do. Find a good production system."

"Any prospective locations?" Maya asked.

"Not yet. I haven't really looked to tell you the truth. I want something close to Jita, preferably with a lab that has research and copying facilities, and a decent index." she said.

"Wow, you want fries with that?" Maya asked, sarcastically.

"No, I want decent PI in the area too."

"That will take some time to figure out." Maya said, "Good luck with that."

"Yeah." Osiph muttered as she updated a market order, clearly distracted.

"Have you heard from Sain about that opportunity he was going on about?" Amalea asked. Osiph shook her head.

"I told him where we were, and said anytime is fine to talk, but haven't heard back." She said.

Just then, light poured in the dimly lit room from the opening door and a tall figure stood in the light, his silhouette nearly filling the entryway. The girls turned to look and their jaws dropped when Sain Darkwing stepped inside.

"Hello, Ladies!"

Oh yes, this is what a High Sec Trade hub was like. I remember now. Each Hub was like a massive city, stuffed like sardine cans with people trying to make ISK any way they could. The lower levels were hives of illegal pursuits; drug trafficking, prostitution, black market stuff and general filth. You get my drift? The main level was comprised of respectable businesses, everyday people, cafe's, restaurants, hotels, and the like that normal people would live and make a living. The upper levels, were mostly for administration, government, and people of higher status live like kings.

Somewhere between the main level and the upper level is where they keep us Capsuleers, and all the stuff that goes with us; Personal Hangars, Ship Hangars, Corp offices/Hangars,...

And the Market....

I arrived in station directly from an outpost in Null sec via jump clone and proceeded to do a search for Osiph and found she had rented a corp office in the station. Following the computer's directions, I found the office and raised my fist to knock, but hesitated and simply opened the door.

I stood for a moment until my eyes adjusted to the dim light inside and I could make out the three figures sitting around the desk at the center of the room.

"Hello, Ladies!" I announced with a smile.

"Sain?" Maya asked, somewhat surprised.

"Did you miss me?" I joked. I took one step in the room and the door had just closed when I was nearly tackled to it by Amalea.

"Yes. We. Did!" she exclaimed, then realizing what she had done, scrambled away from him and awkwardly shook his hand, "Um, I mean, it's very nice to see you again, Sain." Osiph and Maya both stood like statues, wide eyed, and probably not believing what they had just witnessed.

"Hokay." Maya broke the awkward silence, "Sain, why are you here? How did you get here?"

"Jump Clone." I relied, "I said I had something to talk about, right?"

"Wait, you mean you can come back here any time you want?!" Amalea asked, "Why haven't you visited before this?!"

"I've been, um, busy." he said, "And my Infomorph Synchronizing skill is still kind of low. Still a full twenty four hours before I can jump again."

"So you're here for the full day?" Amalea asked. I nodded and clearly saw the wide smile on her face.


The desk in the office was turned into a makeshift board room table as we all sat around it. I tried to ignore the staring from Amalea, but tried to stay on topic.

"Down to business." I began, "I want you guys to start making ships. Fully fitted ships." Osiph scoffed.

"Do you have the battleship BPO's?" she asked.

"Not Battleships. Frigates and Cruisers." I said.

"There's no profit in it. Even I don't have the marketing skills to see one." Osiph said. My unwavering smile may have been the thing to make her sit up in her chair.

"Yes, if you sold them here. I want you to make fitted ships and ship them up to where I am." I said, "For the Alliance SRP."

"SRP?" Amalea asked.

"Ship Replacement Program. It's a stockpile of ships the alliance has to replace ships lost in alliance and corporation operations. It entices Capsuleers to actually join them. There's no chance of losing money if they replace it, right?"

"How much profit?" Osiph asked.

"Fifteen percent. Use an appraisal tool to find out how much a fitted ship would cost at sell in Jita, add shipping costs and fifteen percent and I can sell them in null." I said.

"That's pretty good." Osiph said, leaning back in her chair.

"Plus anything else you want to send up that way for either me or the market has to come from Jita anyway. It's the best market in New Eden." I advise. I can see them all thinking hard.

"There's more competition there." Osiph said.

"It's a place you can put things on the market and you know it will sell. Less adjusting market orders." I say.

"The plan is sound." Osiph said, "I'm just trying to find a hole in it."

"You're in?"

"Of course." Osiph said, "Let's make some money and perhaps send one of these two out with you to make more." Maya smiled, but Amalea was clearly excited, "Now, lets see how much alcohol that clone of yours can handle!"

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