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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Opportunity: The Headache

I don't remember when, I don't remember how, but somehow I've ended up pant-less on the cold, hard metal grates of the catwalk of my captain's quarters. I opened my eyes to see a simple Ibis ship floating above me in the cavernous space of my hangar, yet my head hurt too much to care.

I did care, however, when a camera drone started hovering above my half exposed body, it's blank stare of an optical sensor staring at my face.

"Fun night of drinking, huh?" Maya's voice came from the drone. It twisted in the air as if to look me from head to toe, "What happened to you?"

"I can't remember." I groaned, sitting up and grasping at my nearby cargo pants. It takes me two swipes to grab the fabric. With a groan, and support from a nearby railing, I end up on my feet and put the pants on, "That better not be broadcasting."

"Don't worry. It's encrypted." She said, "Osiph and I are out in her Retriever mining. I wanted to see how you two got on last night."

"You two?" I ask, a lump of panic welling in my throat.

"Oh shit. You don't remember? I told you not to drink so much Ammarian wine last night. Especially in a new clone!" She scolded. I staggered down the catwalk and into my quarters, where it's a complete mess.

There are bottles and cans of every kind of alcohol I can think of, and a few I've never seen before. There were clothes and blankets strung across railings and light fixtures, the glass coffee table was shattered, and the door to the bedroom was sliding back and forth, trying to close but was blocked by a beer can that was wedged in the door frame.

"Oh wow. You got wild last night!" Maya exclaimed, the camera drone had now followed me into my quarters and was hovering around the room, scanning every overturned bottle and deformed beer can. I rushed to the swaying door and it moves aside, allowing me to stumble into the bedroom where I again trip on something and fall headlong into the bed, landing among the silk sheets. I braced my fall against something soft and warm.

"Oh, ready for round two, Sain?" Amalea teased as she pulled the covers from over her head.






"I can't believe it. It actually happened?" Osiph's mouth was still agape in disbelief.

"Twice." Maya corrected.

"With Sain?" She asked, "My Brother. Captain Serious?"

"The one and the same." Maya smiled, "Although I wouldn't call him so serious. Not since I known him."

"I think he's lightened up quite a bit since you met him, Maya. He was so uptight before." Osiph said, then continued, "It really, finally happened though!"

"Twice." Maya again corrected.

"You two are never, EVER, getting me to drink again!" Came a muffled voice from the bathroom door, mere meters behind Maya as they sat in the rented Corporation office.

"Is this the first time she has ever been drunk?" Osiph asked with a giggle. Maya had to think about it and nodded.

"I believe it is." she said while giggling. They could hear her retching through the door, "You alright, Amalea, dear?"

"I'm gonna die." she moaned, "Seriously, get me a fresh clone. I've had it with this hangover!"

"How do you think Sain feels right now?" Osiph asked, "He's gone back to Null sec after last night. He's got a hangover and neural stress to worry about." Again, another fit of retching could be heard through the door.

"He's fine. He's not in the body with the hangover anymore!" she wailed, "He's the lucky one!"

"Oh no, honey." Osiph corrected, "Trust me, it's a lot worse. Using a jump clone transfers your current mental state, and consciousness. He'll be sick for a while after the transfer because he's not used to the change in body due to his weakened mental state. I'm wondering if he suffered neural damage trying to jump clone while hung over."

"Oh no..." Amalea groaned from behind the door.

"Don't worry. He'll be fine." Osiph said, waving her hand, "He's gone through worse."

"I don't feel good..." again she groaned.

"Don't worry. You'll be fine too." Maya said, "But this is a first for you, isn't it?"

"Huuuurrrrrrrkkkkkk...." Amalea retched again.

"I still can't believe they did that!" Osiph said again.

"Twice!" Maya again corrected.


I tried playing the night back over and over, but still came to a massive hole in my memory. I remember the girls wanting to go drinking, then we went to a fancy restaurant. We drank wine, and champagne, then started feeling a little buzzed so we left and went to a bar.

Granted this bar wasn't in the best part of the station and no one knew we were Capsuleers, yet they may have that idea from the amount of ISK we were throwing around. I remember being at the bar, buying drinks, bringing them back to the table and sitting in the corner with mine while I watched the girls dance on the dance floor, then I remember something about the local Concord office, a ride in the back of a ground transport, I was talking to Amalea in a limousine, I think, and something about a dare. It was really foggy at that point and I don't remember much else. The morning after, I woke up on the floor beside my bed in nothing but my cargo pants, which were put on backwards for some reason, and the scent of Amalea's perfume on my pillows.

I'm back in Null Sec now and after a couple of days of feeling like crap I continued my normal activities. It's been a week or so since my trip to High Sec and Osiph says she's almost done the order, but she may not do another because of how much of a pain it was to invent the BPC's for everything. I don't really blame her. You need near perfect research skills for it to be profitable. Still, she says the shipment should be ready in the next few days.

That's one thing in order. Now, I wish I could sort out the rest.

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